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By Lisa

I truly enjoyed reading this book. I don't read books as often as I'd like but when I got my hands on Missing the Mark I could not put it down. It was really addicting. I believe I almost missed my stop on the train several times. Trust me, you will not be dissappointed. This Christian Romance Novel kept my interest from beginning until ending. Brook Lynn Dorcent did a fabulous job! I know that you will all be blessed by reading this wonderful book.
By BklynBedSty
I bought this book based on a good friend's recommendation. So glad that I did. As soon as I downloaded it on my Kindle, I was immediately swept up in the story. Good Christian reading without being pious or preachy. I did not want the story to end; I tried to limit myself to only reading a few chapters a day to no avail. I consumed the pages of this book, eagerly waiting to read the next page. I look forward to more work from Ms. Dorcent. Good job!!
Missing the Mark is a definite must read! It brought many issues to the forefront for people as a whole, and especially for Christians. What I really liked about the novel is that Brook Lynn Dorcent did not skirt around those issues, but showed how flesh can often get in the way and cause us to "miss the mark." Great and appropriate title! It was real, vivid, romantic, humorous, and both eye- and mouth-opening. Most importantly, it detailed the temptations that Christian must constantly face as they fulfill God's purpose for their lives. I laughed, yet wished for better for some of the characters. I saw parts of myself in Vaughn and Lily and loved the boldness of Donita. I'm looking forward to reading more work from Dorcent!


By ano0719

Missing the Mark is definitely a page turner!! I absolutely LOVED this book. It was well written with suspense throughout, which made me not want to put it down. It is filled with different emotions....I laughed, I cried, I was angry, I smiled!!! I am so anxious to read another book by this author. If you haven't read this one, you are missing a treat!


By ts161734


I am absolute in love with this soulful drama that is affectionately known as a Romantic Christian Fiction. "Missing the Mark" is certainly a page turner, so much so that I finished it in ONE DAY! The characters are well defined and the storyline is so realistic and gingerly laced with element of mystery that keeps you guessing at what will happen next. There is so much to praise in this book that I would simply do it an injustice to try to cover it all in this brief review. I will definitely be on the look out for new work by this author and would suggestion others to do the same.


Lynda D. Brown "spoken word"

I had the pleasure of interviewing author Brook Lynn Dorcent on my Author Chat radio show, and I have to say interviewing her was as delightful as reading her debut novel. Missing the Mark is a great read. I highly recommend it for young adults. I expect more great books from this amazing author.

Lynda D. Brown
Host of Author Chat

Missing the Mark

Pressing Toward the Mark

By Jakima
This is a must read! Once I began I didn't want to put the book down. You relate with each character as if you know them personally. I laughed, I cried, I even prayed with them. Grab your seat belts because you are about to go on a roller the pages come to an end you will just want to ride again! I can't wait for your next book.....Excellent Job!


By Valencia


I just have to say that you've done it once again! I really enjoyed "Pressing Toward the Mark." It was definitely a great read!

I made the mistake of picking it up the night before my early morning hair appointment and could not put it down! It wasn't long before the sun had started to peek through my curtains and I hadn't slept a wink! However I did make it in time and decided to email you before I decided to take my nap.  :-)

Thanks for using your gift as an encouragement to its readers while being entertaining as well. There were times when I found myself praying with the characters and in agreement with them. I know its silly but that's how much I felt I connected with them all.

If you not an international bestseller yet its coming!!!

God bless you and yours,



By Ntb2


Pressing Toward the Mark was the perfect sequel to Missing the Mark! Everything about these scenarios could relate to what someone is going through in life. I can truly say this book is a perfectly written blessing because it helps you to realize that God is the Great I Am in all situations be them big or small. Very exciting to read and very powerful for spiritual healing! Thank you, Brook Lynn Dorcent!!!!!


By Febe4you

This book is great! The author let us know that God can show up right when we are ready. If you read Missing the Mark, this is a must read.


By Lovelyh2


This book was a very good read! It kept you on the edge with wanting to know what would happen next! Very well written and it had a good twist at the end! Great job brook Lynn dorcent can't wait for the sequel to this!!!!




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