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Novel One in The Mark Series


Education, financial security, strong family network, charisma, and most importantly, a Christian foundation, these are great elements necessary for conquering life. But something greater simmers at the base of them all. And when un-mastered or uncontrolled, time and time again, it stands stronger than any of the above. The powerful heart loves and reacts, destroying the balance, at the onset of devastation, dread and shattered dreams.

Four couples experience disappointment -- Lily and Michael, Vaughn and Kyle, Flo and Roosta, Sapphire and Ollie. They allow their heart to lead down a road filled with steamy desires, revenge and a whole lot of, drama! How will they find redeeming love, or will they continue to MISS THE MARK?


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Novel Two in The Mark Series


The unthinkable…a parent signs away their parental rights and then, suddenly returns. The unspeakable…children violated and the law of the land does not help. The unbelievable…adultery in the marriage bed.

Lily and Michael, Flo and Roosta, and Sapphire and Ollie are back. Now, they stand face-to-face with life’s undeniable challenges, wondering has God forgotten that they need HELP! The only way to rise above it all is to press forward. Riding on the ups, downs, twists and turns of life, the real question is, will they?


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Novel Three in The Mark Series


Forgive and Forget


Forgetting Betrayal is a captivating journey of lies, entrapment and triumph. One day...the offender must break free, receive grace, forgive thy own self and above all else, forget. The offender is never unloved.


Ollie, Desiree, Deacon, and Zoe are four individuals forced to revisit past decisions. They proclaim they have forgiven themselves for hurting those they hold dear, but they will never forget. Trapped by haunting memories, their hearts are hindered and futures are limited. Will the threat of death, loss and prison, teach them that guilt over past offenses is  a form of un-forgiveness?


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Novel Four in The Mark Series


Above All - A story of secrets, lies, grace and faith...Imagine the Impossible 
Can an affair happen over social media? Chase Waters had been a faithful husband for seven years, until his self-serving wife suddenly dies in a plane crash. He believes destiny has given him a chance for happiness with an intriguing woman. There's one problem, she is his brother's wife. This doesn't stop them from connecting on social media, building an almost unbreakable and destructible bond. 
Every dark deception will be revealed. Dr. Zoe Landry is a woman with a heart of gold. She has made the decision to marry a single father. Ollie is a man outside of her race, social economic status and one that has been falsely accused of rape. They share one very important bond, faith. Her mother, Marsha Cartwright, will not stand for this union and does all she can to drain any hope for a happy life for Zoe. However, her mother's treachery opens a hidden world Marsha never intended to be exposed.


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OUTStanding is a Leadership Guide for Pre-Teens. Our youth are tomorrow's future and today's leaders. 



This guide will shine light on some of the leadership principles given in the Bible. It also includes a story about a young girl who goes on a mission to find God. In the process, she learns she is OUTSTANDING. The world needs her hands and heart to make it a better place.


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Spirit Over Will Devotional


What does it really mean to strengthen your spirit over your will? Is it possible? It takes focus and commitment. Most never find their purpose as a result of living in a weak and distracted state. We’re so busy! Let’s face it, we have good intentions. We start out strong, but falter somewhere along the way. Why the constant reoccurring failure?


In this seven week devotional, you’ll learn how to strengthen your spirit over your will, or sow. You’ll sow the seeds of discipline and dedication as your spirit reap the rewards of a stronger you and relationship with Jesus Christ. Are you ready to SOW


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Published Works

The Mark Series

Missing the Mark - Novel One

Pressing Toward the Mark - Novel Two

Forgetting Betrayal - Novel Three 

Above All - Novel Four

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Spirit Over Will


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