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Brook Lynn facilitates a host of classes, providing inspiration, guidance and direction.


Are you a hands-on learner? Come into the Writer’s Workshop.


The Writer’s Workshop is a safe, non-judgmental environment where the writer learns the “hows” of creation. If you are writing a novel, memoir or self-help book, The Writer’s Workshop provides an interactive, organized, and fun learning experience. Learn how to create a storyboard or a visual map. Learn the writer’s thinking process and develop your story from beginning to end. Learn how to use tone, description, and dialogue to paint a vivid world for your readers. You’ll leave The Writer’s Workshop with examples, guidelines, and sharpened tools to store in your personal writer’s workshop.  

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Effective Elements of Writing is an insightful class that arms the aspiring author with required elements to write an impactful and engaging book. In this 2-hour class, Brook Lynn equips the writer to complete a dynamic book. Whether you’re writing a children’s book, novel, memoir or devotional, the writer will leave this class feeling refreshed, inspired and confident they possess the effective elements needed to write and complete their book.


Participant Review -

The experience that I had with The Effective Elements class was a great one.  Brook Lynn shared her expertise on this subject matter involving writing.  She highlighted several points of interest, including style and characterization, to enlightening the class on some writer humps to stay away from.  It was truly an informative class that showcased top notch elements from a top notch Author.  Any class that she will be instructing in the future I will gladly attend, knowing that the knowledge that she will be sharing will be highly EFFECTIVE. - General I. Barrett, II - Writer


OUTStanding Leadership Seminar for Pre-teens Today’s youth is flooded with negative images encouraging teens to fit in, rather than stand out. OUTStanding navigates the teen’s thinking abilities toward the realization of being beautifully and wonderfully equipped with unique gifts. In order for our children to make a significant impact in today’s world, they must step into their calling of leadership and stand out. For indeed every child is OUTStanding.


Teacher Review - 

Summer 2015, Brook Lynn Dorcent came to my summer camp 4-5th grade class. She spoke to my class and read a passage from her book. At first, I was very concerned about the response by the kids. As a teacher, you hope that your students would be an involved class to any guest speaker. Her book and her words were so engaging to them. The students became so involved in the reading that they did not want to take a break and they wanted to keep reading the story. She included icebreakers and engaged them so much that I believe that it ignited the spark for reading during the summer. I would recommend her to come to any class. I think the fact that the book that she read is based upon true events helped as well. The kids were able to ask questions and really become involved in the lives of the people in the book. I believe that the OUTStanding series that she speaks about is a valuable topic and very beneficial to a society where people, especially Christians, are told to “get in place” or “fit into this box.” She encouraged my kids to go for the dreams that God gave them and revealed herself as a living example of that. - Shenella Eason- Koinonia Christian Center Church Summer Camp Teacher



Spirit Over Will Commitment Conference Can we truly stay committed to our purpose? Today’s world is full of responsibilities and distractions. Many of us start out with good intentions, but falter somewhere along the way. In this 2-hour conference, Brook Lynn will help others learn how to sow the seeds of discipline and dedication using the techniques given to her by God. To date, she has written and self-published four novels, one devotional and a teen leadership guide. She also continues to write, teach and coach aspiring authors.



JUST WRITE! - A writing club for Christian aspiring authors. The club meets monthly at The Sheppard Memorial Library in Greenville, NC. JUST WRITE! provides a safe non-judgmental environment, enabling the writer to explore their creativity, build writing momentum, learn effective elements and receive individualize coaching. You are invited to attend a monthly meeting and learn if JUST WRITE! is just right for your writing career. For class schedules, email







Upcoming Events

March Marketing Madness

Create a Marketing Campaign for Your Book!


March 17, 2018

(10 am to noon)

Sheppard Memorial Library - Free Class

Greenville, NC




APRIL 28, 2018 

(10:00 am - NOON)

$25 - Registration Fee

The Best Western 

2310 Greenville Blvd NE

Greenville, NC






Published Works

The Mark Series

Missing the Mark - Novel One

Pressing Toward the Mark - Novel Two

Forgetting Betrayal - Novel Three 

Above All - Novel Four

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