Brook Lynn Dorcent
Brook Lynn Dorcent

Who is Brook Lynn Dorcent?


She’s an ordinary person, with extraordinary expectations. We all have gifts and God gave Brook Lynn the gift of Gab. Growing up, she envisioned herself as a criminal prosecution attorney. God had another plan! In 2003, she moved to North Carolina from Brooklyn, New York and began writing. In 2010, God added two more roles to her life, author and inspirational speaker.


For twelve years she's worked at a local newspaper and printing company as a Human Resources Generalist. So far Brook Lynn has had the opportunity to work with well over 900 hundred employees, training, communicating and facilitating.


Life Lessons


She's resilient! A survivor of child abuse, she learned very early in life…I've got one life, and I’m going to live it with joy! She refuses to be anyone’s victim.


She's learn to redeem the time well! Brook Lynn married in her senior year of college. As such, it took her ten years to earn the last thirty credits towards her Bachelor's degree in Political Science. And this she did with two small children on the eve of losing her mother. Lesson learned…Time stands still for no one, and neither will I.


Learning these life lessons has not been easy, but doable! Brook Lynn knows she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her!


Upcoming Events

March Marketing Madness

Create a Marketing Campaign for Your Book!


March 17, 2018

(10 am to noon)

Sheppard Memorial Library - Free Class

Greenville, NC




APRIL 28, 2018 

(10:00 am - NOON)

$25 - Registration Fee

The Best Western 

2310 Greenville Blvd NE

Greenville, NC






Published Works

The Mark Series

Missing the Mark - Novel One

Pressing Toward the Mark - Novel Two

Forgetting Betrayal - Novel Three 

Above All - Novel Four

Finally Home - - Order TODAY!


Spirit Over Will


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